It’s that time again…. The daily Zero to Hero Blogger Challenge! Today’s challenge is simple; write what’s on your mind. I have a ton on my mind but I’ll try to focus on one subject. 

High School. It’s extremely difficult and will probably be the death of me. I’m only a freshman however, I take several advanced placement classes including Biology and Geometry. I absolutely love Biology, it’s my favorite subject. Geometry on the other hand is horrible. At first, I thought it would be easy (I had an equation in my head: Geometry=Shapes), but it turned out to be much more. Other than that I’m pretty stable and am productive in class. I hope to one day become a Microbiologist, or Cardiologist as these are fields of work I feel suit me. 

With winter break almost over and school starting again, I hope to have a great semester and do the best that I can do, after all I am Josh of Earth and can accomplish anything I set my mind to.